How to make a claim


To make a claim, call us on 0861 225 225 (1st-Assist). Alternatively you may submit your claim in writing within the prescribed period using a claim form and supporting documents.

When you call us

When you call us to lodge a claim, you’ll be asked to provide:

  • Details of the loss or damage
  • Your policy number,
  • Your personal contact details
  • The contact details of anyone else involved in an incident

You can help us by

  • Taking photos of damage to your property
  • Keeping damaged property and items

Emergency repairs

If you need to make emergency repairs, please call us on 0861 225 225. We will arrange assistance through our repairer and supplier network or instruct you on what action you may take for the safety of the insured property and the occupants and to minimise further damage.

We will

  • Ask you to proceed with repairs and send us the invoice
  • Appoint an assessor or contractor to assess the damage and undertake repairs
  • Ask you to pay your excess to the plumber or contractor that is appointed to undertake repairs

If you do not have a valid claim

In the event that what you are claiming for is not covered we will

  • Explain in writing why your claim is not covered
  • Provide you with information regarding your rights in terms of the policy conditions and FSB regulations
  • Enter into dialogue with you to review your claim

Claims forms

Our claims forms are available online if you have been asked to, or would prefer to, lodge your claim on paper.

Policy Conditions

You must comply with all terms and conditions of your policy. Please read your policy carefully and take special note of the claims conditions.